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April Product Updates

We are thrilled to spotlight two new features introduced in April to improve your patient communication and prevent administrative headache.

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In addition to this month's newly released features, we are also highlighting our new video focused on how to 5x the value of NexHealth Forms with a live demo of building custom forms, optimal form settings, sending form requests, and automation with Smart Commands.

Read on for product updates this month as well as two new inspiring customer success stories.

NexHealth Marketing Campaigns: Email and Text Thousands of Patients in Less Than a Second

Customers want to send marketing campaigns to thousands of patients without having to wait around for data to load. NexHealth Marketing Campaigns are now even faster, loading in one second or less— making it the quickest way for multi-location practices and groups to send personalized messages, office updates, and one-click recall campaigns to get patients back in the office– no matter how large the patient list.

Keep SMS messages short & sweet to see better patient engagement

Texting can be a highly effective way to reach your patients, when done well. Practices with the highest patient engagement have highlighted that brief and clear texts are most effective for patient communication.

Our data has shown that patients are more likely to ignore or unsubscribe when they receive lengthy text messages. Even more concerning, phone carriers may mark long text messages (over 300 characters) as spam.

Now, when a text message created in NexHealth exceeds 300 characters, a warning will appear: “Limit to 300 characters to avoid deliverability problems,” helping you craft a text that patients are more likely to read and act on.

Never duplicate patient files again

Previously, there was no warning to users when they created a duplicate patient file in NexHealth. Duplicate patient files lead to headaches and manual effort from office staff to consolidate two identical patient files.

Customers will now receive a helpful alert if they attempt to create a patient with the same name and date of birth as an existing patient, even if one of the contact information fields is different.

With this friendly heads up in place, office staff save time by eliminating manual work needed to correct duplicate patients between NexHealth and the office health record system.

Denticon customers get an upgrade to their NexHealth Synchronizer

We rolled out two upgrades for the Synchronizer to improve the Denticon experience with NexHealth.

  1. NexHealth now recognizes deleted recall codes nearly instantaneously in Denticon, ensuring that patients are automatically encouraged to book the correct follow up care.
  2. The Synchronizer automatically identifies canceled appointments, triggering communications that encourage patients to immediately rebook.

More exciting updates from NexHealth:

In case you missed it: tips and tricks to save time with NexHealth Forms

This Wednesday, we hosted NexHealth LIVE: How to Save Office Staff 2+ Hours with NexHealth Forms. If you missed this product workshop, access the recording here!

Stay tuned for an invite to our next product workshop in May!

Recent success with NexHealth Forms

Last month we introduced that the Synchronizer now supports NexHealth Forms for eCW.

Allergy & Asthma Care of Brooklyn was one of many practices that couldn't wait to stop muddling through outdated digital paperwork with their previous software solution and get started with NexHealth's integrated patient forms for eCW.

Now, Allergy & Asthma Care of Brooklyn love NexHealth Forms for 3 reasons:

  1. Digital Forms are convenient and easy to use for patients
  2. Staff no longer need to type or scan paper forms and can spend more time with patients
  3. Providers instantly have access to patient data for a more personalized care experience

Coleman Plaza Dentistry is another recent NexHealth customer saving time (and trees) with NexHealth Forms. Office Manager, Alie, spent much of her first day of work scanning and copying 6 months worth of paper patient forms. Since implementing NexHealth, Alie saves 3-4 hours a day not managing paper forms.

How to get more patients to schedule through your website and social media

Want to help your patients schedule their appointments online? Check out this recent article in our newly revamped Resources Hub on ways to integrate NexHealth Online Booking into your website and social media accounts.

Learn about where to place your scheduling button on your website for optimal patient conversion and helpful tips for using Instagram and TikTok to your office’s advant

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