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October 2020 Product Update

October product updates are all about patient convenience. We've made it easier for patients to pay their bills, send their insurance information, and more.

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October product updates are all about patient convenience. We've made it easier for patients to pay their bills, send their insurance information, and fill out customized forms. Based on your requests, we've also made the dashboard faster, online booking more efficient and enabled searchable patient forms. Read on about the latest features, now available in your NexHealth dashboard.

Online payments

A new update to patient payments.

Now you can store patient credit card information under a new tab in Payments named "Patients." Here you'll find patients who 

1) made a payment through NexHealth 


2) submitted their credit card information when booking an appointment. 

After their visit, charge patients by searching for them by name. Patients receive email receipts after paying.

Customize new payment request texts and emails.

Create custom text and email templates to request patient payments in a new option in Templates called "Payments," where you can easily edit the format of text and email requests.


Image and new leads support for Messages.

Staff can now send and receive images from patients via SMS text. Quickly review insurance ID cards, pictures of symptoms, and more.

Also, new patient messages are forwarded to your practice once NexHealth verifies the patient's first and last name. This feature update acts as a substitute for live chat, so you can easily field any incoming requests.

Online forms

Forms enhancements.

We support forms for 1) existing patients, 2) pediatric patients, or 3) custom forms for COVID-19 symptoms, feedback surveys, and demographic information.

Email & text marketing

New file support for Campaigns.

You can now upload any custom .csv file to send mass texts and emails. The patient list is saved automatically after the message is sent.

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