23 Best Patient Intake Software Solutions for Faster Onboarding

Patient intake is important for your practice & can be made easier with the right software. Read NexHealth's comprehensive guide of the top patient intake software solutions.

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The future of patient onboarding is digital, as the use of cloud and EHR systems has proliferated in the healthcare industry globally. Now more than ever, practices realize that they need to make the best possible use of their staff time if they want to stay ahead of the game and get more patients in through their door.

With the goal to help you reimagine the patient intake process, in this article we will break down how these solutions can automate repetitive tasks so you can operate more efficiently.

  • What is patient intake software + what does it do?
  • 8 benefits of using a patient intake solution
  • Automate integration with your PMS and EHR solutions
  • 23 best patient intake software solutions for onboarding patients

Let us help you create a digital front door for your practice by understanding how patient intake software works.

What is patient intake software + what does it do?

Patient intake software is used to collect patient information and automatically sync that data with your practice management software, eliminating the need for data entry. It saves practices time and effort manually inputting data, reduces errors, and improves the accuracy of responses, all making it easier to onboard patients.

By integrating a patient intake solution, you are not only positioning yourself as a patient-centric practice that wants to deliver a modern experience, but also demonstrating a futuristic approach to your workflow processes. By sending a form link via email or text message, patients can fill out their data from their own devices wherever they like. Digital HIPAA-compliant forms ensure proper security and safety standards while freeing up your staff’s time to focus on strategies that contribute to your practice’s growth. Providing an omnichannel patient experience is what your patients expect, and the future of healthcare will look like.

When your patients complete their onboarding formalities before they come into your office, they have the time to think about their responses and review their answers for better accuracy. As opposed to paper forms, where the chance of receiving incomplete answers is a lot higher, digital intake forms can prompt the user if they missed answering any question. Receiving completed forms can have a direct impact on positive health outcomes, leaving you with satisfied and loyal patients.

8 benefits of using a patient registration software

Integrating a patient intake solution should be one of the key components of your practice’s digital transformation strategy. It allows you to streamline the process for patients and automate the process for your staff, allowing you to enhance care and service while maximizing your growth potential.

  • Better patient experience: With the use of patient intake software, your patients no longer have to sit in the waiting room with your lengthy forms and clipboard. They can fill out their details, upload their ID proofs, and add any other essential documents conveniently (even before they come into your office).‍
  • Quicker patient onboarding: Digital forms offer a guided, streamlined process for patients, saving them time filling out their onboarding information. This reduces wait-times in the office and makes patients’ first visit a breeze.‍
  • Paperless process: Eliminating your paper trail not only saves your practice the trouble of collecting and storing patient data physically, but also saves you hundreds of dollars worth of office supplies.‍
  • No manual data entry: Once your patients submit their digital intake forms, it automatically populates in your practice management system, removing the need for your staff to do any data entry.‍
  • Higher data accuracy: By digitizing the patient onboarding, your practice can reduce errors that may occur when patients fill out paper forms, ensuring all the necessary information is captured without having to return the form back to them.‍
  • Increased response rates: Once you send a form link to patients, they have instant access, and can complete it from the device of their choosing. By allowing patients to use the medium of choice and complete the forms in their own time - when most convenient - you drastically increase response rates (and completion time).‍
  • No loss of information/documents: With digital forms, your data is securely stored on your practice management system, so you no longer have to worry about losing patient information because of theft, fire, or natural calamities.
  • Mobile access: Unlike paper forms that could get lost or your patients may procrastinate to fill out, digital forms are available to be filled out on mobile devices, making them extremely accessible and convenient for patients to fill out.

Learn how NexHealth’s digital enablement of the patient intake process can alleviate the strain on your staff while ensuring patients are treated faster.

Automate integration with your PMS and EHR solutions

Digital patient onboarding is only complete when it seamlessly integrates with your practice management system and electronic health records. Otherwise, you’ll constantly be migrating, copying, and otherwise transferring data across systems, costing you a lot of wasted time and effort.

What sets NexHealth apart from other solutions which are just ‘read-only’ is its two-way integration that reads inputs from and writes back to your practice management system. This eliminates the need for any manual data entry and saves your staff time during the patient onboarding process. This gives your practice an opportunity to build automated internal workflows and maintain consistent data.

23 best patient intake software solutions for patient onboarding

Today, more and more practices are investing in designing a seamless digital experience for their patients that saves them time and front-ends this entire process. By adopting patient registration software to your practice, you are assured of faster onboarding.

1. NexHealth

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental | Medical

Best for: Two way integration that allows information to flow seamlessly and securely across PMS and EHR tools

NexHealth is an EHR-integrated patient experience software for healthcare practices. With integrated HIPAA-compliant forms, your practice can capture patient details on any smart device that instantly sync with your practice management system. Along with eliminating the need for your staff to upload patient data, your practice can save up to $500/mo by going paperless.

2. Curve Dental

Image Credit: Curve Dental

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental

Best for: Online self-scheduling

Curve Dental is an all-in-one practice management system that supports your dental practice in scheduling, billing, texting, imaging, and charting tasks. Using Curve Dental’s Smart Forms feature, you can offer customized online dental forms that reduce patient wait time in your office, resulting in a better patient experience.


Image Credit: MOGO

Cost: $250/mo

Industry: Dental

Best for: Data conversion

MOGO is a cloud-based dental software that works towards optimizing your practice efficiency. Patients can register and fill in their health information by securely accessing the forms with a unique code provided by you or using the in-office kiosk or tablet, saving your front desk time.

4. iDentalSoft

Image Credit: iDentalSoft

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental

Best for: Streamlining your front office

iDentalSoft is a comprehensive cloud-based dental practice management solution. With iDentalSoft you are fully equipped to run a 100% paperless practice as patient forms can be filled out prior to appointments or from a kiosk or tablet in your waiting room.

5. Denticon by PlanetDDS

Image Credit: Denticon by PlanetDDS

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental

Best for: Multi-location offices

PlanetDDS is a cloud-based dental software for practices of all sizes. Using their Denticon solution, your patients can access their patient portal to take charge of their care, reduce the risk of error, and complete paperwork in their own time.

6. Dentrix

Image Credit: Dentrix

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental

Best for: Expanding clinical efficiencies

Dentrix is a practice management system that gives you clinical, business management, and patient experience tools under one roof. Using the Patient Engage feature, practices can strengthen patient relationships by offering contactless options to fill out forms, send reminders, and book appointments.

7. Cloud9

Image Credit: Cloud9

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental

Best for: Orthodontics and pediatric dentistry

Cloud9 is a browser-based practice management software specially designed for orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, group practices, and DSO/OSOs. By conveniently sending custom-branded digital forms to patients on their smart devices, your practice can move one step closer to becoming completely paperless.

8. OperaDDS

Image Credit: OperaDDS

Cost: $99 - $249/mo

Industry: Dental

Best for: Digital forms and signatures

OperaDDS is a paperless and touch-free solution for dental offices to collect HIPAA-compliant intake forms to seamlessly write back to your practice management system for zero data entry. Along with digital forms, practices can also send out reminders and collect reviews to take control of their online presence.

9. Intiveo

Image Credit: Intiveo

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental

Best for: Sending messages in multiple languages

Intiveo is a patient communication tool that automates and customizes your appointment confirmations, recall reminders, booking requests, and reputation management tasks. Practices can choose Intiveo’s solutions made specifically for endodontics, oral/maxillofacial, orthodontics, pediatric, periodontics, and general practice.

10. Legwork

Image Credit: Legwork

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental | Medical

Best for: Digital healthcare marketing

Legwork is a healthcare marketing growth platform that supports your practice through the entire patient lifecycle. With a focus on helping your practice rank higher on search result pages, Legwork also offers tools that help build a better patient experience.

11. tab32

Image Credit: tab32

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental

Best for: Reducing the need for an expensive IT support system

tab32 is a cloud-based dental practice management software that allows you to deliver care with a data-driven approach. With the goal to digitize the patient journey, tab32 empowers dental providers with integrated systems that automate communication, payments, e-forms, and imaging to help your practice scale and grow rapidly.

12. adit

Image Credit: adit

Cost: $299 - $399 | Custom pricing for Enterprise

Industry: Dental

Best for: Comprehensive dashboard to manage your practice

Adit is a practice management tool for dental practices that are looking to improve their patient communication and accelerate their growth. Using adit’s HIPAA-compliant forms, practices can eliminate waiting room bottlenecks and serve more patients.

13. DentalROI

Image Credit: DentalROI

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental

Best for: Getting a custom marketing plan for your practice

DentalROI is a dental marketing and productivity company that equips office managers to work more efficiently, which results in bringing in more revenue. Their qualified team can help with digital marketing services like creating custom dental websites, social media management, SEO services, and reputation management.

14. Marketing 360

Image Credit: Marketing 360

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental | Medical

Best for: Marketing automation tools

Marketing 360 is a complete marketing solution that caters to all service-based businesses. With the tools that they provide to scale your dental business, including scheduling, reminders, accepting payments, and intake forms, Marketing 360 also offers the services of a dedicated team of experts who can guide you through growing your online presence.

15. Doctor Connect

Image Credit: Doctor Connect

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental | Medical

Best for: No-show management

Doctor Connect is a patient engagement solution that helps you lower your no-show rates and positively contribute to your patient satisfaction numbers. Practices with Doctor Connect can offer a paperless intake form that integrates with your current system and allows patients to submit their health information conveniently and securely from their device.

16. Pomelo Health

Image Credit: Pomelo Health

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Medical | Pharmacy

Best for: Virtual care

Pomelo Health is a complete patient engagement solution that can be used by medical clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, vaccination drives, and the government. Practices can create fully customizable eForms that save valuable time and resources by collecting patient information and consent beforehand that sync with your EHR system.

17. Patient Communicator

Image Credit: Patient Communicator

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental | Medical

Best for: Patient reminder system

Patient Communicator enables better engagement with your patients that saves your front office time and reduces no-show rates. Practices can offer intake forms to their new patients who can securely fill them out from the comfort of their homes.

18. Mend

Image Credit: Mend

Cost: Free - $29/mo | Custom Pricing for Enterprise

Industry: Dental | Medical

Best for: No-show/cancellation predictor

Mend is a complete front-end solution for your healthcare practice to streamline patient intake and communication. Whether you offer virtual or in-office care services, Mend helps eliminate front-desk bottlenecks and reduce workflow inefficiencies that contribute to a positive patient experience.

19. Doctible

Image Credit: Doctible

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Medical

Best for: Virtual waiting room

Doctible is a patient communication platform that enables your practice to engage with your patients through text messaging and campaigns. Using Doctible’s HIPAA-compliant digital and mobile-friendly intake forms, you can streamline your check-in process, collect e-signatures, and also get instant alerts when patients submit their forms.

20. Luma Health

Image Credit: Luma Health

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental | Medical

Best for: Telehealth services

Luma Health is a modern patient engagement platform that helps improve access at every step of the healthcare journey. Your patients can fill out intake and screening forms and upload their insurance details to experience a zero contact check-in process.

21. Phreesia

Image Credit: Phreesia

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental | Medical

Best for: Automated patient outreach and satisfaction surveys

Phreesia aims to replace your front desk repetitive tasks that enable you to deliver a modern patient experience. Practices can offer mobile patient intake, PhreesiaPads for a secure in-office check-in experience, or a self-service kiosk for easy access.

22. Solutionreach

Image Credit: Solutionreach

Cost: Contact for quote

Industry: Dental | Medical

Best for: Group messaging service

Solutionreach is a patient engagement tool that helps with your practice’s online presence, acquiring new patients, and sending out timely communication. With a paperless intake process, you can send out form links in an email or text messaging, giving your patients the flexibility to fill it out before their appointment to serve more patients.

23. SimplePractice

Image Credit: SimplePractice

Cost: $39 - $59/mo

Industry: Dental | Medical

Best for: HIPAA-compliant video appointments including screen-sharing

SimplePractice is a patient intake platform that allows your practice to go fully virtual or serve patients in the office. Using their mobile app, you can centralize all your communication and handle everything from scheduling to billing.

How NexHealth will improve your patient onboarding experience

Since your patients spend more than 3 hours of their day on their phones, why not get them to fill their intake form while they’re at it? With NexHealth’s HIPAA-compliant digital forms your practice can gather critical patient health data by sending the form link via text or email, which promotes faster onboarding and enhanced workflow management.

Schedule a demo with NexHealth today to give your practice the digital front door that it needs!

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