20 Best Dental Podcasts: Listen, Learn, and Grow

Looking to stay ahead of the curve in dentistry? Check out this list of the 20 best dental podcasts for unbeatable education and insights.

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To stay ahead of your competition and maximize ROI, you need to continuously upskill, keep up with the latest technologies, effectively manage your practice, and market yourself to new patients. Dental podcasts are a great way for you to stay informed of best practices for your business, for everything from oral hygiene and procedural operations to practice management and dental marketing.

In an already hectic schedule, dentists today are turning to podcasts to keep themselves informed and educated as it allows them to multitask while learning.

In this article, we will be sharing our top picks that you can benefit from listening to in your free time:

Let’s start by telling you what a great dental podcast should look like and then listing the best dental podcasts by use case.

What makes a dental podcast stand out?

There are hundreds of dental podcasts that you can choose from. When looking for the best dental podcast for yourself, you’ll want to consider what the podcast is offering you. The best podcasts will offer some combination of the following:

  • Actionable insights: If the podcast that you listen to left you with some practical tips that you can almost immediately test out, then it has made your time worthwhile.
  • Relevant choice of topics: A good dental podcast will stick to topics related to dentistry. In many cases, it will have a more specific niche, such as dental marketing, practice management, or dental hygiene and care, helping you hone in on the areas where you need the most advice.
  • A consistent flow of content: A good dental podcast will produce content regularly, and will likely have their shows come out according to a schedule.
  • Easy listening: Most people listen to podcasts while doing other tasks (64% of people consume podcasts while driving. A good podcast will be easy to integrate into your routine.
  • Guest collaboration: A dialogue or conversation is more engaging compared to a monologue relaying information. Hosts that are willing to have guests show they are open to new ideas, discussion, and are an active member of their field.
  • Personal stories: A good dental podcast that has a relatable storytelling format is easily understood by its audience.
  • Availability on multiple platforms: When a dental podcast can be found on all the popular podcast platforms, you know that the host wants to make it easily accessible to all their audiences.

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5 top dental marketing podcasts for acquiring new patients

Whether you’ve hit a roadblock or don’t know where to begin when it comes to growing your practice, dental podcasts can be a great starting point. Learn from industry experts and your peers who were able to successfully turn their practice around to get more bookings and be discovered by their patients. You can also check out our longer list of dental marketing podcasts.

1. The Dental Marketer

Image CreditThe Dental Marketer

Frequency: 1 post/monthHost: Michael Arias

The Dental Marketer podcast promises to bring fresh insight on how to build a successful dental practice. Running you step-by-step through navigating the challenges that your dental practice may be facing, you can gain in-depth knowledge about ground marketing and digital marketing techniques to take your business to the next level.

2. Your Dental Success

Image CreditYour Dental Success

Frequency: 1 post/monthHost: Mike Pedersen

Your Dental Success podcast talks about everything you need to know about your dental practice website, SEO, and marketing strategies to acquire new patients, grow revenue, and build a thriving practice. On this podcast, you can learn from other dental influencers who share their success stories and marketing experts who can clear some of the doubts and frustration that you might currently be experiencing.

3. The Dental Business Podcast

Image CreditThe Dental Business Podcast

Frequency: 1 post/weekHost: Brad Thornton

With a prime focus on the business side of running a dental practice, The Dental Business Podcast offers a mix of practical advice and personal development to build a strong mindset that will help you run a successful practice. You can learn about marketing, branding, and wealth creation strategies in and outside your dental practice.

4. The Thriving Dentist Show

Image CreditThe Thriving Dentist

Frequency: 1 post/weekHost: Gary Takacs

The Thriving Dentist Show guides dental practitioners in creating a profitable practice that gives them financial independence with a focus on delivering great quality care. With key metrics, actionable insights, and tips on hiring and practice culture, there is plenty of knowledge that you can apply to your practice.

5. Bulletproof Dental Practice

Image CreditBulletproof Dental Practice

Frequency: 1 post/weekHost: Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Craig Spodak

To help you build a resilient and bulletproof dental practice, you can learn from dental leaders Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Craig Spodak, who share tried and tested marketing strategies to grow your practice in their Bulletproof Dental Practice podcast. Along with insights on running a smooth practice, you can also get tips on financial planning and investments that can help you secure a comfortable future.

5 top dental podcasts for improving practice management

As a dental practice owner, whether it comes to managing staff expectations, smoothly running your day-to-day operations, or providing the best care for your patients, what better way than to learn lessons from other dentists who were in your shoes at some point in their career. Check out the following top-rated dental podcasts.

1. The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Image CreditThe Dentalpreneur Podcast

Frequency: 1 post/weekHost: Dr. Mark Costes

The Dentalpreneur Podcast is for practice owners looking to build a successful practice. You will get the opportunity to learn from the numerous featured guests who come on the show and apply their insights to your practice.

2. Dentistry’s Growing with Grace Podcast

Image CreditDentistry’s Growing with Grace Podcast

Frequency: 1 post/monthHost: Grace Rizza

If your dental practice is struggling with growth or marketing efforts, then Growing with Grace is a fantastic starting point. You can get innovative ideas, tips, and advice that you and your team can test out and put into practice.

3. The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

Image CreditThe Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

Frequency: 1 post/weekHost: Dr. Paul Etchison

The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast is a dental podcast that combines marketing, business knowledge, clinical excellence, and leadership to help you communicate with your team effectively and see your practice achieve new heights.

4. The Life and Dentistry Podcast

Image CreditThe Life and Dentistry Podcast

Frequency: 2 posts/monthHost: Multiple hosts

On The Life and Dentistry Podcast, you can listen to real stories by successful dentists, marketing experts, financial and investment gurus who talk about a wide range of topics that their audience can learn from. With new guest speakers in every episode, you can find everything you need to know about running a successful practice, events, the latest technology in dental treatments and procedures, and life outside of your dental practice under one roof.

5. Dental Drill Bits

Image CreditDental Drill Bits

Frequency: 4 posts/monthHost: Sandy Pardue

The Dental Drill Bits podcast discusses the real issues that dental practices face today. Conversations with dental practice owners and thought leaders in the industry who have turned their practice around make this podcast a must-add to your playlist for your weekly dose of positivity.

5 top dental podcasts to create engagement and retain patients

While your primary focus must have always been on becoming a good dentist, you soon realize that to survive in today’s cut-throat competition, creating a memorable and modern experience for them is the only way for you and your practice to stand out. The only way to ensure patient loyalty is to empower your patients with digital tools like NexHealth to choose the care that they want because young patients today won’t hesitate to switch their healthcare providers.

1. Marketing Mysteries Solved

Image CreditMarketing Mysteries Solved

Frequency: 5 posts/monthHost: Wendy O’Donovan Phillips

The Marketing Mysteries podcast series by Big Buzz focuses on marketing for the dental, senior care living, and healthcare industries. You can find case studies, interviews, guest blogs, guides, surveys, and downloadable material that can be accessed for free.

2. The Social Dentist with Dr. Yazdan

Image CreditThe Social Dentist with Dr. Yazdan

Frequency: 2 posts/monthHost: Dr. Desiree Yazdan

In the Social Dentist podcast, you can learn about how the marriage between social media and the dental industry can be leveraged to maximize your practice. As a dental social media influencer, the host talks about how you can build a brand on social media to improve patient engagement and increase profitability.

3. Dental Leaders

Image CreditDental Leaders

Frequency: 1 post/weekHost: Payman Langroudi and Prav Solanki

The Dental Leaders podcast takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey with emerging leaders, visionaries in the field of dentistry. Along with staying up-to-date with the latest in dental treatment and procedures, you can learn some valuable lessons about leadership, social media, and engagement with your patients outside of the office.

4. The Underdog Dentist Show

Image CreditThe Underdog Dentist Show

Frequency: 1 post/monthHost: Dr. Gireesh Likhyani

In The Underdog Dentist Show, groundbreaking ideas on marketing strategies are discussed for dental practitioners to ensure patient retention and engagement. This podcast is for someone who is either starting their dental practice or practicing dentistry to learn in-depth about top conversion metrics in dental marketing to measure performance.⁣⁣

5. Relentless Dentist

Image CreditRelentless Dentist

Frequency: 1 post/weekHost: Dr. David Maloley

With the aim to help you grow your dental business to a 7 figure income-generating practice, all episodes on the Relentless Dentist are geared towards that goal. As a dental practitioner who turned around his business from almost shutting it down, the host shares his story and the lessons he learned on the way to help other practices facing the same struggles and start earning more with less time and effort.

5 top dental hygiene and care podcasts

Of the many dental podcasts that exist today, 55% of them are hosted by dental practitioners or hygienists, making it a great resource for you to stay relevant and ahead in your profession. Here are our recommendations for top dental podcasts that carry content for dentists by dentists.

1. A Tale of Two Hygienists

Image CreditA Tale of Two Hygienists

Frequency: 2 posts/weekHost: Michelle Strange and Andrew Johnston

A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast is one of the most popular dental hygiene podcasts, with the goal of helping clinicians become more confident in their work. Adding some humor and fun back into the occasional monotony of dental hygiene, this podcast brings you up-to-date best practices in dentistry.

2. The Dental Guys Podcast

Image CreditThe Dental Guys Podcast

Frequency: 1 post/monthHost: Jon and Wes

The Dental Guys podcast covers topics ranging from dental news and product reviews to in-depth clinical technique tips and research in the field. With the aim to keep you excited about dentistry on a day-to-day basis and question the listeners to think about why they do things the way they do and how they can raise the bar for themselves, this podcast is for anyone who is passionate about their profession.

3. The Very Dental Podcast

Image CreditThe Very Dental Podcast

Frequency: 4 posts/weekHost: Dr. Alan Mead and Dr. Jason Lipscomb

The Very Dental Podcast carries entertaining and relevant conversations with visionaries, clinicians, and your friends in the dental space. This podcast comes highly recommended to dentists who want to keep themselves updated with treatments and procedures to keep up with their peers.

4. Dental Digest Podcast

Image CreditDental Digest Podcast

Frequency: 5 posts/monthHost: Dr. Melissa Seibert

Dental Digest is a podcast by a dentist for dentists enabling them to stay at the forefront of their practice. By inviting leading dental practitioners and scientists who are making advances in the field, the Dental Digest Podcast is one of the most sought-after shows that dentists enjoy listening to.

5. Tooth or Dare

Image CreditTooth or Dare

Frequency: 3 posts/monthHost: Irene and Katrina

The Tooth or Dare podcast is all about letting listeners ask any questions they may have about their dental problems. They invite a wide range of guests to their show, including dental social media influencers, successful dentists, practice consultants, offering a large gamut of engaging content to make you a well-rounded practitioner.

Optimize Your Practice Growth with NexHealth

Listening to dental podcasts is definitely a productive use of your time as it keeps you informed about the current trends and offers a deep dive into the business side of dentistry. When you combine your knowledge from listening to dental podcasts with using an EHR-integrated real-time patient communication tool like NexHealth, you are guaranteed to take your dental practice to unprecedented heights.

Learn what NexHealth can do for you by booking a free demo.

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