12 Zocdoc Alternatives for Getting New Patients

Looking for a more holistic solution to getting new patients? Click to check out our comprehensive list of the best Zocdoc alternatives.

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If you’ve signed up for healthcare marketplaces to reach out to more patients, then you likely already know that these solutions – when used properly – help you get discovered and build your online reputation.

However, while these solutions are great networking tools, they do little to address the entire patient journey or improve the actual patient experience. In this article, we will be looking at the top Zocdoc alternatives that can help you convert web visitors into patients with no additional cost.

Let us get right to the point and understand what Zocdoc has to offer healthcare providers.

What is Zocdoc and why is it useful?

Zocdoc is a web and app-based networking platform where patients and doctors can find each other. Healthcare providers can list their practice on Zocdoc’s marketplace to reach out to patients seeking care and who want to book an appointment; similarly, patients can search for the specific services they need, and the provider best suited to meet those needs.

As a medical networking service that is patient-initiated and patient-directed, healthcare providers can be found by specialty, symptoms, health conditions treated, insurance network, location, and the doctor’s availability. Search results and rankings that are shown are unique to every patient as the doctor’s availability changes, giving the user the most updated information.

Zocdoc competitors comparison

If your practice is still evaluating solutions that can help with growing a patient base, then it’s important to understand what each of them offer. While marketplaces like Zocdoc can help patients discover, compare, and book doctors, as providers you will need patient experience and management solutions like NexHealth to offer a seamless care journey.


Zocdoc alternatives comparison for patients

For patients, Zocdoc provides a networking service that makes it easy for patients to find a provider based on their needs. Below, we compare Zocdoc competitors from patients’ perspective:


Zocdoc alternatives comparison for providers

As a healthcare provider, you want to fill up your schedule by offering your patients a simple and easy-to-use method with minimum barriers to get to you. Below, we compare the Zocdoc competitors from the perspective of providers:


Check out how NexHealth can transform your practice by collating all your online ratings and reviews from Google, Yelp and Facebook!

Zocdoc alternatives for healthcare providers + patients

Networking sites like Zocdoc and its competitors help patients connect with providers easily and conveniently online, leveraging an existing network of professionals that patients can choose from. In this section, we will discuss alternatives to Zocdoc and how they help patients and providers in the healthcare industry.

1. NexHealth

Specialization: Dental | Medical | Healthcare

By integrating NexHealth with your practice management system, you can offer your patients a comprehensive digital experience that allows them to self-schedule appointments, submit paperwork online, easily communicate with your staff, pay online, and much more. This gives you full control over managing your calendar and studying valuable insights that can help drive business decisions.


Check out how NexHealth fairs as a superior alternative to Zocdoc.

2. Opencare

Image Credit: Opencare

Specialization: Dental

Opencare is a marketplace where patients can find dental professionals in their city. While patients can browse through all the available dental health professionals before booking an appointment, the dentist only has to pay after the patient shows up.{{guides_zocdoc_opencare-table="/resource-content-components"}}

3. Healthgrades

Image Credit: Healthgrades

Specialization: Dental | Medical | Healthcare

Healthgrades carries the largest selection of profiles of healthcare professionals in the USA with over 10 million patient ratings. With the help of Healthgrades, healthcare professionals can get real-time insights into their online reputation to drive higher conversion on search.


4. Vitals

Image Credit: Vitals

Specialization: Dental | Medical | Healthcare

Vitals is a database of patient reviews for healthcare professionals and facilities. All healthcare professionals listed on Doctor.com can find their profile page on Vitals, giving them another avenue to be found by patients.


5. LocalMed

Image Credit: LocalMed

Specialization: Dental

LocalMed is a real-time scheduling platform for dentists that helps your practice connect with patients who are finding you on your website, Google, and social media. Dental professionals can list their availability, get booked appointments that get automatically synced with their calendar.


6. Tripment Health

Image Credit: Tripment Health

Specialization: Dental | Medical | Healthcare | Prescription Medication

Tripment Health is a free platform for healthcare providers to connect with self-paying patients. Healthcare providers get a modern-looking profile that showcases their ratings and reviews and helps them manage their appointment bookings.


7. Sesame

Image Credit: Sesame

Specialization: Dental | Medical | Healthcare | Prescription Medication

Sesame is a direct-to-patient care marketplace that allows patients to find great quality doctors. Healthcare providers can set their own prices and offer telehealth, virtual, and in-person visits to a large pool of patients seeking care.


8. CashMD

Image Credit: CashMD

Specialization: Dental | Medical | Healthcare

CashMD allows patients to compare providers and their fees before booking a visit, eliminating the need to wait on referrals or prior authorizations. Providers get access to connect with patients who are willing to pay out of their pocket for healthcare services.


9. DocSpot

Image Credit: DocSpot

Specialization: Dental | Medical | Healthcare

DocSpot collates information about healthcare providers from multiple sources for patients to find the best resource for their needs. Healthcare providers who have more impressions on the web will find more information on their DocSpot page, but they are not ranked higher on the search because of that, as patients may desire different qualities in their medical provider.


10. MDsave

Image Credit: MDsave

Specialization: Dental | Medical | Healthcare

MDsave is a network of healthcare providers who can reach out to new patients who are willing to pay before their visit, resulting in a better experience. Healthcare providers can set their own prices and MDsave manages and builds a bundle that includes all employed, affiliated, and ancillary providers associated with the procedure.


11. DocMatch

Image Credit: DocMatch

Specialization: Dental | Medical | Healthcare

DocMatch connects patients with doctors by asking them to fill out a 5-minute compatibility survey that is then run through their matching algorithm and pops out a bunch of alternatives for the patient to choose from and book. As a free service, DocMatch helps you increase your online presence without having the need to invest in expensive advertising and SEO services to be found by your patients.


12. HealthTap

Image Credit: HealthTap

Specialization: Medical | Healthcare

HealthTap not only connects healthcare providers and patients on one platform, but also allows patients to choose the right type of care for their needs, which may not always warrant a visit. Healthcare providers can join the HealthTap network to answer health questions in related areas of their specialty to enhance their online presence and gain recognition from patients on HealthTap.


Get the complete package with NexHealth!

Unlike Zocdoc, where you have to pay every time a patient makes a booking with you (even if they don’t show up), with NexHealth you can build a loyal patient base while retaining complete control of your calendar. Having NexHealth support your practice through the patient’s entire care cycle is like having a 24/7 assistant on the job for you.

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