Instagram for Dentists: 80 Caption Examples

Instagram captions can get your practice more likes, comments, and followers. Click to see our list of instagram caption examples for dentists.

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Storytelling using the caption you write for your dental Instagram posts becomes better with practice, but it is a powerful way to build a following and attract new patients. Memes, on the other hand, caption pictures with text to convey a message in a lighthearted way.

In this article, we will be discussing how to use captions and memes for effective dental Instagram marketing.

To help you get your creative juices flowing and generate dental Instagram post ideas, let’s first understand how captions and memes work and can be leveraged for your use.

4 benefits of using great dental captions for your Instagram posts

Captioning posts is integral for developing quality sticky content that gets your readers to come back regularly and engage with you. Be sure to put thought and creativity into your own Instagram captions to target the right audience and foster interaction and loyalty.

  • Generate more likes and comments: However good your photo is, a story or a write-up to support it will fetch you more likes and comments, which is how you build a follower base on Instagram.
  • Stick to the point: Writing down a caption for your post helps you compose your thoughts and stay on point with what you want to say, as well as keep your message clear and direct.
  • Setting the context: While a picture or a video can be interpreted in multiple ways, a caption helps voice the author’s thoughts behind the post.
  • First impressions: For new visitors to your account, you have a chance to make a great first impression. Your caption can say a lot about the style, tone, and demeanor of your practice, as well as convey that to your audience.

PRO TIP: Instagram character counts – while relatively long – are truncated at 125 characters. This means that your caption will only display the first 125 characters and give users the option to expand the text window and read the entire caption. It’s extremely important to include context about the focus and topic of your post in the first 125 characters to ensure readers know exactly what your post is about, and can then decide to read the entire caption if they are interested.

How to write the perfect dental caption for Instagram

What may be a perfect dental caption for Instagram to you may not read the same way to your audience. Since communication styles and interpretation of your pictures may differ, perfecting your dental caption helps you find a unique voice for your brand.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while writing a dental caption for Instagram.

1. Start with the most important information

The first sentence of your caption should summarize the intent of the post. To do this, start by asking yourself, what is the objective of this post, and who do you want it to appeal to? Whether it is a dental hygiene care post or a patient testimonial, your caption should reflect that at the outset. Take your time crafting that first sentence, because that’s the hook that will determine if your audience thinks your story is compelling enough to keep reading on.

2. Weave in an engaging story

The two key components of your Instagram post are the picture and the caption. While a picture can be interpreted in multiple ways, writing an engaging caption to tell your story is the secret sauce of all the top influencers today. Personal stories and patient testimonials are powerful storytelling means that are relatable and may speak to your audience in a way you never thought of.

3. Use emojis to keep the reader interested

Image Creditrefinedentistry

Using emojis to your dental Instagram posts not only helps you save character length, but also adds an element of fun to keep your post light-hearted and in sync with today’s lingo. Aesthetically speaking, emojis at the end of a sentence or paragraph work like a ‘bookend’ to break up ideas, giving your audience time to process all the information.

4. Always ask questions to encourage audience participation

You don’t want to sound like a preacher or a know-it-all on Instagram by posting a monologue of information. A great caption, while being informative, must also leave the audience with thoughts and questions to ponder upon. This is an opportunity for your dental practice to engage with your patients or page visitors who may be shopping around for a dentist.

5. Use relevant hashtags to reach a new audience

Along with following pages and people, Instagram users can also follow hashtags so that they don’t miss any content that is posted with them. When you add a # in front of a word it helps you make your post searchable, making it extremely important that you use the right keywords to reach the right audience. Some of the best dental hashtags for Instagram include #dentistry, #dentista, #teeth, #dentalcare, #oralhealth and #dentalphotography.

6. Tag pages using @ Mentions to increase reach

By tagging pages that have a larger following than yours, you can reach out to their audience as well. While you may not want to stuff your post with too many @ Mentions, linking one or two pages is not a bad idea. If the administrators managing those pages find your content worthy, then you can expect ‘Shares’ and ‘Story mentions’ of your content on their page.

7. Leave your audience with a CTA

Image Credit: grandstreetdental

Even though your Instagram audience consumes your content in their casual reading time, you want to leave them with something memorable or take them on a journey that doesn’t end as soon as they scroll up to see the next post. For a general dental education post, you could add text like ‘Double tap if you like it’ or ‘Follow us for more such posts’.

Since Instagram posts don’t allow users to insert a clickable link in the caption, you could add the text ‘Tap on the link in bio to schedule an appointment.’ to direct them to your profile and book with your practice directly through Instagram.

8. Finding the right caption length balance

Your caption should be just the right length to capture the attention of your audience and give them a gist of what your post is about. You can think of the caption as the title to your post that allows readers to decide if they want to continue or not – if you don’t hook them quickly, you may never get a chance to gain their attention again.

10 top dental Instagram captions ideas to foster engagement

The following dental captions for Instagram are the most popular ideas that have been executed by dental professionals on Instagram and have been well received by their followers. Check out why they get the love that they do and how you can implement them into your page.

1. Patient Testimonials

Image Credit: drbilldorfman

Instagram gives you the opportunity to toot your own horn, by sharing posts about your practice. You can also share testimonials – in the form of captioned images or videos – that your patients share with you. Authentic, real-life examples of patients’ experience (as shared by you) shows your audience that you have a healthy, happy, and satisfied patient-base, enticing them to choose you and potentially even book an appointment directly through Instagram.

2. Introduce your team

Showcasing your team’s credentials only reinforces belief in your practice’s name and reputation. When you proudly show off the strengths that your team members bring to your practice, you instill confidence in those considering using your practice. Even more than that, it presents your practice as a united front of dental professionals who care.

3. Celebrating milestones

Image Credit: dentalyogis

Whether you are celebrating yearly milestones or smaller achievements like signing up 100 patients or successfully removing 1000 cavities, Instagram is the platform to flaunt your success and share it with your followers. By creating a content calendar for your practice, you can schedule these posts ahead of time to have a constant flow of content on your social media.

4. Patient gratitude and appreciation

Expressing gratitude to your patients for having faith in your services as a dental professional is another way to let your audience know about your practice who may still be on the fence to contact you. Posts like this show that you genuinely care about and appreciate your patients, which is something new patients are looking for in a dentist. Use a strong caption to nudge your audience in the right direction, motivating them to book an appointment with you.

5. Engaging with local community or charities

Image Credit: westenddentaltrenton

Apart from your work in your office, when you share about participating in community events and giving back to charitable organizations, it shows the philanthropic side of your practice. Being a part of such events opens up another avenue to advertise your practice and become a part of a larger network.

6. Recommending a product

When you start to see your follower count grow, you will see brands approach you to talk about their product to your audience as an ambassador. You could earn referral income and may find new opportunities for networking and representing your practice.

7. Offering a discount or special promotion

If your practice is in growth mode, offering a special discount or a free check-up is a popular way to lure more customers in. Be sure to create posts that clearly state the details of the offer and direct your audience to the link to book their appointment and use their discount code.

8. Networking with peers and colleagues outside the clinic

When you represent your practice at conferences and seminars to learn and grow as a dental professional, you can share it on Instagram. This also gives you an opportunity to see how your peers are leveraging social media and pick up a few tricks that you may not have tried yet.

9. Oral hygiene education

Image Credit: justflossit

Since you may not see your patients more than once or twice a year (if you are lucky!), they will appreciate seeing easy self-care and oral hygiene practices from their dentist. You can create Reels or IGTV videos to reach more users and keep them practicing great oral hygiene.

10. Ask your patients to share their experience on social media

Image Credit: teeth_by_teki

Another way to use Instagram effectively is to ask your patients to share testimonials, appreciation, and other posts on their own Instagram accounts (and getting them to tag you with an @). These user-generated posts carry a lot of weight in terms of building your reputation, as others can see that they appreciate and stand behind your work. This exposes you to their followers, giving you a chance to attract new patients. You can also repurpose these posts, sharing them to your own page and interacting with these posts with a ‘thank you’ or funny response.

80 best dental captions for Instagram: slogans, taglines, and more

If storytelling isn’t your forte, then you can caption your posts with slogans, taglines, and quotes that are short yet effective. Depending on the tone you’ve defined for your page and the idea behind the post, you can choose from the following captions to craft a memorable post.

Captions about your teeth and smile

Image Credit: foreversmiless

The following lines have a happy and chirpy tone that can be used to caption success stories of your patients or a smiling picture of a happy and satisfied patient.

  • Be true to your teeth and they won’t be false to you!
  • Smile – it lets your teeth breathe.
  • Smiling is fun when you have healthy teeth and gums.
  • No one can take your smile away when dental decay is kept miles away.
  • Smiles and sunshine are good for your teeth.
  • You’re never fully dressed without a smile.
  • Let your smile change the world, but never let the world change your smile.
  • A smile is the curve that sets everything straight.
  • Everyone smiles in the same language.

Funny dental captions to lighten your day

Image Credit: dental.humor

While you want to get more bookings, you also recognize the fact that your patients dread their visit to your office. The following slogans capture the pain and agony of sitting in a dentist’s chair which is understood by all.

  • Some tortures are physical and some are mental, but the one that is both is dental.
  • Love conquers all things, except toothache!
  • You’ll get nothing but the tooth from me!
  • You want the tooth? You can’t handle the tooth!
  • What kind of filling do you like? Mine’s chocolate!
  • Beware of asking for bluetooth at a dentist’s office; you never know what you may get!
  • My wife got dental surgery. Lucky for me, she can’t talk for a week!
  • Be kind to your dentist. He has fillings too!
  • My dentist asked me, “Did you get your teeth at the GAP?”
  • My dentist said that I need a crown. I was like “I know, right?!”

Captions about dental hygiene and care

Image Credit: northridge_dg

Your patients need a reminder from you every now and then to continue caring for their teeth, which can be communicated in a funny and non-preachy way. The following one-liners help you get the message across while ensuring engagement on your dental Instagram page.

  • If you have more cavities than teeth, you’ve led a sweet life.
  • Lying through your teeth doesn’t count as flossing.
  • Don’t choose favorites… every tooth deserves to be flossed.
  • Don’t rush when you brush.
  • Brushing rule: two minutes, twice a day.
  • Effort is like toothpaste; you can always squeeze out a little bit more.
  • Root canals don’t cause pain, they relieve it.
  • Floss like a boss!

Captions about dentists

Image Credit: perfectssmilesma

If you thought there was just one way to explain what dental professionals do, think again! The following lines cleverly describe different aspects of dentistry without getting too technical.

  • A dentist always gets to the root of the problem.
  • I always notice a person’s smile. But then again, I’m a dental hygienist.
  • A dentist is a person with more pull than a politician.
  • Dental hygienists are the boss of the floss.
  • Be kind to your dentist – they have ‘fillings’ too.
  • Dental hygienists are sweet enough to make you smile, and skilled enough to protect it.
  • A dentist is a person who actually tries not to get on your nerves.
  • Dentists – improving lives one smile at a time!
  • Flossify is a dentist’s favorite subject!

Celebrating patient and practice milestones

Image Credit: riverfrontpediatricdentistry

Instagram is your canvas board to share small or big milestones with your audience. Whether you are celebrating patient success stories, a colleague’s achievement, or an award that your practice has been conferred with, you can use the lines below to caption your post.

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s time for a dental cleaning, and maybe a checkup too.
  • Braces off, let’s party!
  • Brace yourself and get a look at my new smile!
  • A mouth once full of metal now looks like a mouth made of gold!
  • I’ve gone wireless: mobile phone, computer, and even TEETH!
  • Goodbye train tracks!
  • My teeth just graduated!
  • Tooth be told, we love our patients.
  • Here, we excel at creating miles of smiles.
  • Changing lives one smile at a time.

Connect with local businesses and the community

Image Credit: wordofmouthdentistry

While your work inside your office is what helps you build reputation, engaging with your community is what will act as a live testament to what your patients say about you. Here are some simple lines that speak to your care and knowledge as a dental professional.

Sharing posts about local events in the community, businesses in the community you love and want to share, progress of local sports teams, and more to create engagement in your local community, and cross-promote. In some cases, you’ll need to creative with these posts to foster engagement from other audiences. Creating a back-and-forth dialogue with local businesses can be a great way of connecting with the community, including patients.

  • If you’re visiting us this week, check out the [event] in the [local park/square]!
  • Help us donate to [charity], which is dear to us at [practice name].
  • After you visit us, stop in at [local store] to pick up [product]!
  • @[someone] came in for a cleaning before a shift at [local restaurant they work at]; go compliment their smile for an extra wing!
  • Have a pint at [local restaurant] across from us; don’t worry, we’ll keep those teeth clean for ya!
  • Come get your teeth cleaned better than the Yankees cleaned the Red Sox last night!
  • We can save your teeth better than Patrick Roy saved the Avalanche last night!

Some of these seem – and are – a bit silly. While these examples may not work for you exactly, they give you a great idea of how you can think outside the box to foster engagement within your local community. If a local restaurant is popular, interacting with their page gives you a chance to connect with more of your local community, and maybe draw the attention of new patients.

Dental movie quotes

Image Credit: etpd4kids

Finding a common interest like movies to connect with your patients is refreshing while keeping it upbeat. You can check out the following quotes and dialogues from popular movies and TV shows that can be used to make dental memes on Instagram.

  • May the floss be with you. – Star Wars
  • ‘Root canal? That’s not fair; they’re not my teeth.’ – Freaky Friday
  • ‘You know, gingivitis is the number one cause of all tooth decay.’ – Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls
  • ‘Is this toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association?’ – Home Alone
  • ‘He’s a dentist, don’t get too excited. And if someone has a heart attack you should still call 911.’ – The Hangover
  • ‘He’s a sharp tooth! We’re not his family! We’re his diet!’ – The Land before time V: The Mysterious Island
  • ‘Never mess with a man with sensitive teeth!’ – Richie Rich
  • ‘My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.’- The Waterboy
  • ‘Brush your teeth in a rapid, vertical motion. That’s up and down for all you rebels.’ – Hamburger Hill
  • ‘You don’t have to floss all your teeth; just the ones you want to keep.’ – Schizopolis
  • ‘The important question is where do they get all the skeletons with perfect teeth?’ – The Return of the Living Dead
  • ‘Vitamin D, calcium, essential for good strong bones and healthy teeth. But that’s all Greek to you, isn’t it, Mr. Gingivitis?’ – Dragnet

Promotional taglines

Image Credit: admire_dental_willimantic

Below are some additional captions that can work in a variety of scenarios, and help promote your business. Whether you’re showcasing your dental office, customer success stories, or team photos, these captions will work great.

  • We want to make you smile!
  • Where beautiful smiles begin.
  • We bring smiles to life.
  • Upscale dental care from down-to-earth people.
  • Your pathway to a bright new smile.
  • Your smile is in safe hands.
  • What’s the cure for dental anxiety? A home of radiant smiles.
  • Specialized dentistry. Personalized care.
  • Smiles that fit any lifestyle!
  • We can make your dream smile a reality!
  • Let us take care of you and your smile.
  • Leading the way in results-driven care.
  • Kids love us; parents trust us!
  • Dedicated to excellence. Dedicated to your smile.

If your smile is not becoming of you, then you should be coming to me!

Dental Instagram memes: how to use them + examples

Dental Instagram memes are a very popular way to connect with your audience using humor. Memes spread very quickly through Instagram stories or tagging friends to share a laugh with virtually.

Image CreditMedicalTalk

A great dental meme captures the emotion perfectly when the caption and image work together effectively. You could simply use viral trends and other memes and adapt them to a dental context or use it with a dental image.

5 benefits of using dental memes on Instagram

If you think that memes are more informal and may not make your practice look professional, think again. All the popular dental influencers are using dental memes as a way to successfully connect with their audience by speaking their language. Here are the key benefits that you can reap by using dental memes on Instagram.

  • Fosters engagement and reactions: Dental memes, by nature, are humorous and light-hearted, making them much more susceptible to interaction and sharing. Making this a staple content-type on your Instagram will help engage users and motivate them to share your posts with others, widening your audience.
  • Easily shareable: Since memes tend to have a humorous undertone in their communication style and typically contain little text, they are quick to read and make readily shareable content. Having a popular, funny meme for your audience compels them to share it with their friends and family, expanding your reach to new users
  • Fun and light-hearted way to get the message across: While dental memes are meant to be funny, they can be used to convey information (and even promote your practice) without sounding preachy or salesy.
  • Defining your tone: Dental memes can be used to establish the tone and style of your practice to give your audience an idea about what to expect from your Instagram page.
  • Filler content: In times when you find yourself running out of ideas for your posts or finding it difficult to keep up with your content calendar, sharing dental memes can fill the gap while giving your audience content to consume.

Sharing dental memes is another way to make your audience aware that they are talking to a human being like them who takes their work seriously while enjoying humor like anyone else.

Top Instagram accounts for dental memes:

If you are still learning the ropes to creating a dental meme for your page, you can check out what the professional dental content creators are doing for some inspiration. You could also follow these pages and share their posts as a Story or as a post if you are running low on content ideas.

  • dentistry_memes_: You can follow this page for daily dental memes and also send them meme concepts and templates.
  • dentistrymemes: If you enjoy dark humor, you are sure to enjoy dental memes on this page.
  • dentistry_humor: As one of the most followed dental humor pages on Instagram and Facebook, this page brings a little bit of fun to the dental community.
  • dentaltreatmentconcierge: With an ‘in your face’ type of humor style, this page is not for the faint-hearted.
  • spongebobdentalmemes: This page is run by a third-year dental student who combines their love for Spongebob and dentistry to make very creative Spongebob dental memes.

Learn how you can schedule more with NexHealth!

Leveraging a platform like Instagram by captioning your posts and creating memes that bring your brand’s voice to come to life is how you can market your practice through effective storytelling. Once your audience is sold on your services reflected on Instagram, show them how easy it is to book an appointment via NexHealth.

Schedule a demo today with NexHealth to see your new patients multiply just like your follower count on Instagram.

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