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Introducing the new, easier to use NexHealth

A simpler to use NexHealth to get more done with fewer clicks. 

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We spent the past 8 months speaking with hundreds of doctors and office staff to find ways to make NexHealth simpler and more effective. We're excited for you to try these new features to save your practice time and delight patients.

What you get with the new NexHealth:

  • NexHealth Home: See the day’s appointments at a glance and easily navigate between NexHealth products with an intuitively designed sidebar.
  • Patient Activity Feed: Scroll through patient activity to see when patients book appointments, accept Waitlist requests, review your practice, complete a form, and submit a payment.
  • Messaging: Access messaging on your mobile device. Respond quickly to patient texts, easily attach files, archive conversations, and more.
  • Forms: See all outstanding Form requests in a new Forms dashboard. Send batch reminders to patients with incomplete forms to increase form completion rates.
  • Medical history pre-filling: Automatically populate patient forms with any available medical history and personal information, saving patients time and hassle.

Start your day on the new NexHealth Home

When you open the new NexHealth Home, you’ll know where to focus your time. View all of the day’s upcoming appointments, and easily navigate to patient messages, forms, or payments on the sidebar. At the top of Home, you’ll also see practice insights— making it easier to keep track of your performance in key areas.

And use the calendar view to switch to a new day and check for unconfirmed appointments.

We’ve made it even easier to fill open calendar slots right from NexHealth Home. With just a few clicks, you can fill any open calendar slots with Waitlist.

Scroll through the Patient Activity Feed and respond

The Patient Activity Feed curates important patient updates and makes it simple to follow up. You can see when patients book appointments, accept Waitlist requests, review your practice, complete a form, and submit a payment.

Messaging that feels like iMessage and WhatsApp

NexHealth patient messaging is now much easier to use on desktop and mobile, without sacrificing the security and privacy you need.

Notification badges draw your attention to unread messages, and you can reply with text or emojis. Add pictures or other attachments, and view them in context of the patient conversation. Stay on top of your Messaging feed by archiving conversations or marking messages unread if you need to follow up later. And now you can log in to on your mobile device to send and receive messages from anywhere.

The best Forms product gets even better

Beginning in October, when you open the Forms tab in NexHealth you’ll notice a new Forms dashboard that is automatically organized by open form requests. Easily filter by incomplete Forms and send batch reminders to all patients with outstanding form requests. Your archived Forms will now be accessible in a separate tab – no need to scroll.

And we’re excited to announce medical history pre-filling, which will save time for patients by automatically populating forms with any available medical history from your practice management system.

Medical history pre-fills will be available for several of the most popular practice management systems: Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Dentrix, and Dentrix Enterprise.

“The new NexHealth is a winner. It’s clean, puts the information we need at our fingertips, and is easy for my team to use.” - Vera Chopyk, Office Manager at Michael Chopyk, DDS

Getting started with the redesigned NexHealth

Starting September 20, the new NexHealth will begin rolling out to existing customers. We're excited for you to get your hands on these updates! In the meantime, sign up for a training session to learn more about what's changing and get answers to common questions

Watch the preview event of the new, easier to use NexHealth

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