25 Best Patient Experience & Management Software

Offering a seemless patient experience software is crucial to keep patients coming back. See how NexHealth creates interactions to improve patient management.

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Providing a great patient experience includes sending appointment reminders, offering patients seamless onboarding with digital patient intake forms, and having an open line of communication to let your patients know how valuable they are to your practice. If you are able to check off all these boxes for your patients, they are guaranteed to come back to your care.

By helping you break down all the key components of patient experience strategies and software that can get you closer to your goal, our guide will allow you to approach this problem in a new light.

  • What is patient management software?
  • 7 benefits of using patient experience software
  • 7 types of patient experience solutions
  • Patient experience solutions comparison: choose the right tool for you
  • 25 best patient experience solutions to leave your patients satisfied

Let us jump right into it, to ensure that all your patients walk into your office with a big smile on their faces.

What is patient management software?

Patient management software, or patient experience software, refers to solutions that offer convenient ways for your practice to interact with patients and streamline workflow processes. Having a patient experience platform helps you manage repetitive tasks on autopilot, contributing to more referrals, reviews, and appointments.

‍While medical and dental procedures can be painful and uncomfortable for the patient, providing an enjoyable, digital, and modern experience is completely in your hands. By integrating patient experience software with your dental practice management software, you can offer solutions like online patient schedulingautomated patient reminderspatient intake formsonline payments, and more to your patients.

7 benefits of using patient experience software

While your treatment and care is the main service you offer, an incredible patient experience is a great way to set yourself apart and keep patients satisfied.

Apart from the obvious benefits of digitization, here are the key benefits that a patient experience software can deliver to your practice:

  • Convenience to patients: Your patients like the option of checking off non-work-related tasks when they have the time, not just when you are available. Offering the convenience of self-scheduling and giving them the tools to manage their care will contribute to loyalty to your practice.‍
  • Efficient daily operations: By streamlining your workflow processes, your staff can improve operational efficiency and save time doing tedious tasks. Integrated systems automate data entry and a centralized platform makes information easily accessible to all team members.‍
  • Better engagement levels with patients: When your patients share the load and partake in their care, it contributes to a higher level of commitment to your practice and better health outcomes.‍
  • Automating repetitive tasks: By automating reminders for upcoming appointments, payment links, and feedback surveys, your staff will not miss out on closing the loop with patient visits.‍
  • More conversations with your practice: When your patients engage with the tools that you offer, it will open up a line of communication with your practice that will facilitate quicker resolution of any issues that they may be facing or assistance that they might need.
  • Supports practice growth: If your patients are happy and satisfied with your care, then you can be guaranteed to see more of them walking through your door.‍
  • Timely re-evaluating your processes: When you deploy a patient experience software, you are more likely to hear back from your patients about what is working and what isn’t, giving you multiple insights on how to make the tool work best for your practice.

Ready to become the most talked-about practice in town? Schedule a demo with Nexhealth today to equip yourself with the digital tools you need to leave patients raving about their experience in your care.

7 types of patient experience solutions

Patient experience encompasses several elements that are essential to contribute to the overall satisfaction levels of your patients. As a practice, you want your patients to be able to reach you with minimum resistance and stay invested while doing it.

The following table discusses some of the core features of patient experience solutions and explores how they directly benefit your practice.


Patient experience solutions comparison: choose the right tool for you

With many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming to choose the one that works for your practice. In the following table, we compare solutions by features that will help you narrow down your search.


25 best patient experience solutions to leave your patients satisfied

By empowering your patients with the ability to communicate conveniently, leave feedback that will be taken into consideration, and book appointments from their mobile phones, you are laying the foundation for a great patient experience. Check out what the following solutions can do for your practice that can lead to positive interactions with your patients.

1. NexHealth

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: 1-Click Booking

NexHealth is a full patient experience platform that syncs (read and write) with your practice management system in real-time. With a bidirectional integration, practices automatically enable patients to view offices’ real-time availability, schedule an appointment instantly, fill out HIPAA-compliant forms digitally, pay post-appointment, and book recare in one click.

With patient experience being at the core of NexHealth, your practice is guaranteed to increase patient retention and satisfaction, positively contributing to your business’s growth.

2. tab32

Image Credit: tab32

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Care-driven revenue discovery

Tab32 is a dental practice management software that is developed on Google’s multi-tenant technology platform that allows for real-time reporting and business intelligence. Using a patient-first approach, tab32 allows dental practitioners to completely digitize the patient journey.

3. Curve Dental

Image Credit: Curve Dental

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Personalized patient engagement

Curve Dental is a comprehensive practice management software that tackles all aspects of patient engagement and front office duties. Being a cloud-based solution, Curve Dental hosts your practice data, making it available to you at any time from anywhere you have internet access.


Image Credit: MOGO

Cost: $250/mo

Best for: Creating and tracking eStatements and insurance payments

MOGO is a cloud-based dental software that prioritizes data security powered by Microsoft Azure. Practices that use MOGO easily snap patient pictures with a webcam, allow the staff to record the pronunciation of their names so that they don’t get it wrong, and set a silent pop-up that includes key information or a topic that needs to be addressed or avoided, that aid in providing the best patient experience.

5. Identalsoft

Image Credit: Identalsoft

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Patient self-check-in

Identalsoft is a cloud-based software that enables you to run a paperless dental practice. Along with having the tools to attract and retain patients, Identalsoft also optimizes your clinical and operational workflow.

6. Denticon PlanetDDS

Image Credit: Denticon PlanetDDS

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: 24/7 access to imaging

PlanetDDS is a cloud-based dental software for practices of all sizes that ensures data safety and security that lower your IT costs. With PlanetDDS, you get an interconnected practice and a centralized platform to view all your patient data, contributing to efficient front desk operations and improved patient satisfaction.

7. Dentrix

Image Credit: Dentrix

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Multi-location practice management

Dentrix is a practice management tool for your dental practice that helps you with business management, clinical tools, and your marketing efforts. With Dentrix, you get an entire suite of software that are designed to digitize all aspects of your practice and enable you to provide a modern patient experience.

8. Dovetail

Image Credit: Dovetail

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Digital intake forms

Dovetail is a digital tool for your dental office that can help you access your practice from anywhere and on any device. Practices can create notes by writing, drawing, recording voice notes, or using Dovetail’s existing templates.

9. OperaDDS

Image Credit: OperaDDS

Cost: $99 - $249/mo

Best for: Teledentistry

OperaDDS is a paperless solution for dental offices designed to eliminate data entry tasks and enhance front-office workflow processes. Easy integrations with all the major practice management softwares assure quick installation and onboarding support for your dental team.

10. Intiveo

Image Credit: Intiveo

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Sending messages in multiple languages

Intiveo is a patient communication tool that allows dental practices to automate and customize reminders, confirmations, and feedback forms that they send out. Inteveo has specialized solutions for various branches of dentistry and practices of different sizes.

11. Legwork

Image Credit: Legwork

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Improving patient retention

Legwork is a marketing growth platform that works specifically for the healthcare industry for practices to deliver a great experience across the entire patient lifecycle. Legwork streamlines your workflow processes with digital tools that integrate with your practice management software to stay in touch with your patients.

12. Lighthouse 360

Image Credit: Lighthouse 360

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Virtual waiting room

Lighthouse 360 is a patient experience software that automates tedious tasks and increases front office productivity for dental practices. With the aim to keep your schedule full and get patients to return regularly, Lighthouse 360 equips you with tools to build better relationships.

13. Adit

Image Credit: adit

Cost: $299 - $399 | Custom pricing for Enterprise

Best for: Practice analytics report

Adit is a patient experience platform specially designed for dental practices. With a single dashboard view, you can get all the key information about your schedule, production, and communication.

14. DentalROI

Image Credit: DentalROI

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Social media management

With a focus on dental marketing, DentalROI offers a wide range of productivity softwares that can integrate with your practice management system to enhance the patient experience.  Along with this, DentalROI also develops a custom marketing plan for your dental practice to help you grow your online presence.

15. Marketing 360

Image Credit: Marketing 360

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Website development

Marketing 360 caters to all service-based industries looking to grow their business and offers multiple touchpoints to their clients so that they see the value of being associated with your business. Along with a complete suite of tools, with Marketing 360, you also get agency services to run ads, manage your social media, and SEO services.

16. Pomelo Health

Image Credit: Pomelo Health

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Virtual waiting room

Pomelo Health is a patient experience tool that can be used by clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, vaccination drives, and the government. On Pomelo Health, patients get access to their portal that allows them to stay in touch with their healthcare provider, fill out e-forms, and schedule their visits.

17. Mend

Image Credit: Mend

Cost: Free - $29/mo | Custom Pricing for Enterprise

Best for: AI-powered algorithm to predict no-shows and cancellations‍

Mend is a patient engagement front-end solution for your practice that offers in-office, virtual workflows, and telehealth services that are optimized with AI. Mend can also be used as a telepsychiatry software with HIPAA-compliant video visits that help with providing better health outcomes and reaching out to more patients.

18. Doctible

Image Credit: Doctible

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Reputation management

Doctible is a patient communication platform that allows practices to engage with patients via text messaging and campaigns that will help reduce no-show rates, get more reviews, and support recall strategies. Using Doctible’s Virtual Waiting Room feature, practices can easily screen patients and streamline the check-in process.

19. Zingit

Image Credit: Zingit

Cost: $249 - $349/mo

Best for: Reducing no-show rates

Zingit is a text-based patient engagement tool that enables your practice to communicate with your patients in real-time and get more online reviews. Used by chiropractic, dental, and medical practices, Zingit integrates with 150+ solutions and easily connects with your practice management system data to help you make smarter decisions when sending out communications.

20. Luma Health

Image Credit: Luma Health

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Automated post-visit outreach triage to collect feedback

Luma Health is a comprehensive patient engagement platform that allows practices to improve patient access and communication at every step of their healthcare journey. Luma Health also seamlessly integrates with all major EHR platforms and also allows customization according to the unique needs of your practice management systems.

21. Phreesia

Image Credit: Phreesia

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Multiple patient intake tools

Phreesia offers tools to get patients onboard, collect payments, and all other services that can help you deliver a modern experience that your patients expect. Phreesia can also offer practices to set up self-service kiosks and PhreesiaPads that can give the patient a private and secure check-in and intake experience.

22. Solutionreach

Image Credit: Solutionreach

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Smart reminders

Solutionreach is a patient relationship management tool that enables your practice to acquire, engage, and delight patients. With Solutionreach, you also get a marketing platform that monitors your website, SEO, content management, and social media.

23. SimplePractice

Image Credit: SimplePractice

Cost: $39 - $59/mo

Best for: Paperless intake forms

SimplePractice is practice management software that helps you manage everything from booking to billing from a mobile device. Its integration with Telehealth allows your practice to offer HIPAA-compliant video appointments including screen sharing capabilities and manage all your data from a secure online portal.

24. SimplyBook.me

Image Credit: SimplyBook.me

Cost: Free - $59.99

Best for: Businesses get their own personalized app

SimplyBook.me is an online booking platform for all service-based businesses. By displaying your availability, your clients can book their visits from their devices 24/7.

25. Booksteam

Image Credit: Booksteam

Cost: $19.95 - $79.95/mo

Best for: Personalize notifications sent to customers

Booksteam’s intuitive platform allows customers to schedule their appointments from their smart device from anywhere in the world. Businesses can manage their customer database, including updating information, taking notes, creating tags, and checking their history all from one place.

Deliver the best-in-class software for patient management with NexHealth

While the human aspect of patient experience is irreplaceable, deploying systems that allow you to focus on delivering great quality care will certainly help you take a huge leap in running an efficient practice. Practices that use NexHealth have seen increased revenue because of the superior patient experience that they are able to deliver.

Schedule a demo with NexHealth today to delight your patients and keep them coming back!

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