How to Perfect Dental Practice Social Media Marketing

Along with being powerful vehicles to promote your dental practice, social media channels are also where your patients spend their time and share their life. By crafting a marketing plan that places your dental practice in front of the audience who is shopping around for dental services, you can successfully acquire patients.

If you think that’s easier said than done, we agree! But with this article, we are determined to put you on the right track and equip you with the right tools to reap the benefits of social media marketing for your dental practice.

  • Why social media marketing is important for dentists and dental practices
  • 8 benefits of using social media for your dental practice marketing
  • What social media platforms to use as a dentist
  • 15 top social media marketing strategies for dentists

Let's begin by understanding what each social media channel can offer and strategies to optimize your online presence.

Why social media marketing is important for dentists and dental practices

Social media marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to attract potential patients to any dental practice. While your dental clinic may only be visible to the local community, with social media marketing you have the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience, spell out your services clearly, and showcase your skills as a dental professional, giving your visitors a compelling reason to check out your practice.

Today, with 8 out of 10 patients using search engines to find healthcare information online, why not be the one to deliver it? By sliding into their social media newsfeed, you can educate your audience about their oral health while promoting your practice and offering them a solution to their dental problem.

8 benefits of using social media for your dental practice marketing

Unlike your profession that you received formal education to practice, social media marketing is a ‘learn it as you go’ skill that has become an integral part of running your business. Let us look at how your practice can benefit from it.

  • Patient acquisition: Before making any commitments, 41% of patients today check out healthcare practices on social media. You can receive a large chunk of your patient bookings from your social media pages as it acts as another avenue to advertise your practice.
  • Cost-effective: Traditional forms of marketing such as TV, newspaper, and radio ads can consume your entire marketing budget compared to content put on social media, which is free and stays on your channel forever.
  • Visibility and brand reach: Since your audience spends more time on digital devices compared to any other form of media, that is where you are most likely to catch their attention. Unlike paper ads that are printed and distributed in certain areas, you can reach a much wider audience using social media.
  • Awareness: By and large you are not restricted by as many rules, length and formatting restrictions, or script to advertise your practice on social media when you compare it with traditional media channels. You can talk about your services, create learning content, or share success stories to inform your audience about why they should choose your practice over your competitors.
  • Engagement: Once your patients are out of your office, they have to be reminded about your exemplary care so that they keep coming back to you. By connecting them with social media, you can foster engagement and top-of-the-mind recall with your content.
  • Virtual introductions: Your social media channel acts as an online brochure to your services that your audience can browse through at any time, without having to interact with your staff, giving them an opportunity to decide for themselves.
  • Longer shelf life: Social media content consumption is dictated by your audience. They can take their time to watch, listen, or read your content multiple times or even save it for later, as opposed to TV viewership which is governed by scheduled programming.
  • More Impressions: Your social media handles add another avenue to building your online presence that will result in a better ranking on search engines. Interaction with your social media channels in turn boost the authority of your website.

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What social media platforms to use as a dentist

Just like every dental problem has a specific treatment, every social media platform caters to a certain type of audience looking for relevant information that fills their needs. Let us understand what each platform has to offer that can help you build your content strategy.

1. Facebook

Grand Street Dental Facebook page
Image Credit: Grand Street Dental on Facebook

As one of the pioneers in social media marketing and a platform that boasts 1.84 billion daily active users,  you must create a Facebook page for your practice. Advertising on Facebook has been steadily rising as businesses have successfully generated leads and built a niche following for their content.

Cost: Free | Pay to promote your content

Best for:

  • Patient testimonials
  • Information and sharing news about your practice
  • Learning and educational posts (pictures and videos)
  • Information and sharing news about your practice
  • Introducing your dental team
  • Professional development news
  • Recommending products and DIY tutorials
  • Sharing information about participation in networking events
  • Holiday or seasonal wishes

2. Instagram

Justflossit Instagram page
Image Credit: justflossit on Instagram

Primarily a visual platform, Instagram is one of the most commonly used platforms used by dental practices. With soaring engagement levels among Gen Z and Millenials (64% of Instagram users are under the age of 34), Instagram equips you with the best ingredients to create a perfect recipe for your audience to consume and walk into your office.

Cost: Free | Pay to promote your content

Best for:

  • Patient testimonials
  • Before and after photos
  • Learning and educational posts (pictures and videos)
  • Information and sharing news about your practice
  • Brand films
  • Introducing your dental team
  • Professional development news
  • Sharing information about participation in conferences, webinars, podcasts, and other networking events
  • Recommending products and DIY tutorials
  • Sneak peek into life outside the office like family, or other hobbies
  • Connecting with other dental professionals
  • Holiday or seasonal wishes

3. Twitter

Aspen Dental Twitter page
Image Credit: Aspen Dental on Twitter

Largely used by businesses, content shared on Twitter has a higher focus on the text that may or may not be supported with a photo or a video. The audience on Twitter is more mature (76.3% of users are over 25 years), with people using the platform to keep themselves updated on the brands, political, and financial news. While Twitter may not help you gain new patients, it will certainly help you strengthen your brand image and increase your online presence.

Cost: Free | Pay to promote your content

Best for:

  • Brand film
  • Professional development news
  • Share links to your website blog or publication in prominent online publications
  • Sharing articles on new research and information on dental health
  • Holiday or seasonal wishes

4. YouTube

Innovative Dental’s YouTube channel
Image Credit: Innovative Dental on YouTube

As a dental practice, you can find a number of opportunities to shoot videos that are not limited by time to reinforce your brand image and give your patients a preview of your services. On average, businesses publish 18 videos a month across industries, so if you haven’t jumped on the YouTube bandwagon yet, get on before it is too late!

Cost: Free | Pay to promote your content

Best for:

  • Brand film
  • Patient testimonials
  • Dental office tour
  • Participation in webinars, interviews, podcasts, and other networking events
  • Learning and educational content for patients
  • Details about a procedure

5. TikTok

Dentistmatt’s Tiktok page
Image Credit: dentistmatt on TikTok

Tiktok appeals to a younger audience compared to other social platforms, as they tend to enjoy consuming short-form, entertaining content. There are a variety of content ideas that you can play with that speak to that audience while getting your brand name out there. You can find plenty of great content to begin your Tiktok journey.

Cost: Free | Pay to promote your content

Best for:

  • Learning and educational content
  • Before and after photos
  • Fun and entertaining videos
  • Produce recommendations or demos
  • Short patient testimonials
  • Dental office tour
  • Holiday and seasonal video wishes

6. LinkedIn

Donovan Essen’s LinkedIn page
Image Credit: S. Donovan Essen on LinkedIn

Along with connecting with other dental professionals on LinkedIn, you can also create a page for your practice to improve your online presence. The purpose of getting yourself on LinkedIn is not to acquire new patients but to showcase how your education and background have shaped your ideals as a dental professional that reflect in your practice culture. Building your personal brand to emerge as a thought leader will very quickly magnify your audience’s trust in your practice.

Cost: Free | Pay to promote your content

Best for:

  • Joining Dentistry discussion forums
  • Connecting with other dental professionals
  • Sharing professional development news
  • Sharing participation in conferences, interviews, podcasts, webinars, and other networking events
  • Sharing milestones about your practice
  • Share links to your website blog or publication in prominent online publications
  • Writing posts about your practice

7. Pinterest

Dentalgama Pinterest page
Image Credit: DentaGama on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual library for your practice to find dental social media marketing ideas to create engaging content. Since your profession is such that images speak louder than words, Pinterest serves as the ideal medium that not only allows you to share your photos, but is another medium to take your patients to your website. If you are just getting started on putting together a marketing plan for your dental practice, you can certainly jot down some easily executable ideas from Pinterest that can contribute to your other social media channels.

Cost: Free

Best for:

  • Ideas to create content for dental marketing
  • Social media marketing strategies for dentists
  • Recycling content to share on your social media
  • Building your online presence

15 top social media marketing strategies for dentists

Being methodical and keeping yourself abreast with the latest trends is the best way to execute a social media marketing strategy for your dental practice. Here’s our action plan that will help you drive traffic to your dental page.

1. Consistency is key

Creating content for your social media is not your primary job, but it is essential for the growth of your practice. Your audience doesn’t expect you to share content every day, but building a following and expecting engagement on your posts will only happen when you regularly show up on their newsfeed. If you drop the ball and disappear for a long period of time, you will be replaced by another page.

2. Create a content calendar

Calendar on iPad

Just like having a calendar allows you to stay organized and on top of your appointments, a schedule for your social media posts will ensure that you don’t slip up and keep the content flowing. By setting small and achievable goals like sharing 1-2 posts a week, you can ride the momentum to slowly ramp up to 3 posts a week. By choosing the right days and times when you want to schedule your post, you can ensure maximum views that allow for great engagement rates.

3. Find and define your brand voice

Establishing credibility and building a reputation online is the same as it is offline. If you want to be known as the best pediatric dentist in your city or want to be known as a dentist who practices mindfulness and yoga, then your content must reflect the same. Since social media gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your audience even before meeting them, you want to be consistent with the kind of posts that you share and the messaging that goes with it.

4. Weave a story

When a first-time visitor comes to your page, you only have 60 seconds to capture their attention and keep them interested. They want to see a short trailer that tells them a story about your practice and engaging content that they feel will add value to their social media browsing time. Captioning your photos with a captivating narrative that shows your practice’s role and brings the image to life is the kind of storytelling that your audience will love.

5. CTA in your bio

Grand Street Dental Instagram bio
Image Credit: Grand Street Dental on Instagram

Your social media page is just a medium for discovery for your patients to learn about your services and to decide whether they want to buy into it or not. Whichever platform you choose, your website or appointment booking link must always be clearly visible, giving them the option to schedule their visit from their device without having to call up your office.

6. Pause and reflect

As your social media marketing efforts are underway, you must keep checking engagement rates from time to time. Identifying factors that may be contributing to poor performance or even viral popularity can give you insights into what your audience is enjoying, helping you steer your content creation in the right direction.

7. Use stories

Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have a Stories feature, giving you another avenue to promote your content so your audience doesn’t miss it. Stories also allow them to send quick emoji reactions, motivate your audience to visit your page, and give you an opportunity to engage with your audience without having to write elaborate content. You can host a question and answer session or a poll to let your audience know that you are listening.

8. Send timely responses

Outbound messaging performance

Comments to posts on social media have a very short shelf life (24 hours). By responding to comments posted by your audience within that window of opportunity, before it loses its relevance, you can ensure that you still have their attention, their problem or query has been addressed, and your future posts keep showing up on their newsfeed.

9. Engage with relevant pages

Along with creating content for your page, find - and engage with - pages that match your interests and speak to your profession to offer your unique take on a subject. By doing this you are introducing yourself to another page’s audience, which can result in bringing in more page visits or followers who may want to buy into your dental services.

10. Create timeless content

The content that you create for your social media stays on your profile forever, unless you delete it. Posts like patient testimonials, dental education, and DIY tips are examples of content whose value doesn’t depreciate with time. In fact the longer they stay on your profile, your future profile visitors will have the opportunity to consume it and book your services.

11. Create videos for higher engagement

When drawing out your content calendar for your social media, be sure to include videos because your audience loves watching them. Because of the appeal and the story that videos attempt to tell, your audience is more likely to pause and watch it as compared to a photo that is open to interpretation that they might swipe up and move forward to something more interesting on their newsfeed.

12. Encourage your patients to follow you on social media

When building a following on social media, start by talking to your existing patients about your social media channels and the value that they’ll get by consuming your content. Along with building patient loyalty and engaging with them outside the office, you are also giving them another touchpoint to connect with you and even share with their network who may be in the market for a new dentist. Using your email and text marketing campaigns, you can promote your social links in the footer of your email or at the end of your text message.

13. Build a 360-degree marketing plan

Popular social media icons

When you are drawing out a marketing plan for your dental practice, think about catering to all your social media channels. Begin by creating a handle name that is the same for all platforms so that your audience doesn’t have trouble finding you. By using the ‘Share to’ option on Instagram, your content gets automatically posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, allowing you to maintain consistent messaging across platforms.

14. Equip your staff with social media knowledge

Instead of hiring expensive marketing agencies or gurus who can overwhelm you with information, start by training yourself and your staff to learn the basics of social media. There is plenty of free learning content out there to help you get set up before you reach out for professional help.

15. Be patient

No likes neon sign

Popularity on social media doesn’t happen overnight, you have to be in it for the long run. It takes time to build a following, get discovered, understand what your audience enjoys, and put out content that can give you the traction you want to see.

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