20 Best Dental Marketing Software to Grow Your Practice

Choosing the best dental marketing software isn't as daunting as it sounds. Here's our list of dental marketing software to help you reach your goals.

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If you are in the market for dental marketing software for your practice, then we understand how mind-boggling it can be to choose between the plethora of options that exist today. Acquiring new patients without the help of marketing tools will most definitely be an uphill challenge that you don’t want to climb because you can rest assured that your peers will overtake you.

With this article, we attempt to simplify your search by taking you through dental marketing software that can add value to your dental practice and help you achieve your business goals sooner.

  • Types of dental marketing software:
  • 5 benefits of using dental office marketing software
  • 15 best dental marketing solutions for growing your practice and retaining patients
  • 5 dental marketing solutions for website design and development
  • And the winner is...

Let us start by looking at the different types of dental marketing platforms and help you choose the right solution.

Types of dental office marketing software: acquiring and retaining patients

In the sea of dental marketing tools that claim to turn around your business and reach out to more patients, it is important to understand how they differ from each other. While their primary offering may be similar, some of this software tackles one problem better than the other.

Type Of Dental Marketing Software


Main Features

Patient Acquisition & Practice Growth

Using tools that enable easy discovery of patients to bring them into your office with minimum barriers

  • Online scheduling
  • Reviews
  • Waitlists

Patient Recall & Communication

Equipping your practice and your patients with multiple ways to converse ensures fewer missed appointments, top of the mind recall and higher engagement and satisfaction scores

  • Recalls
  • Two-way Messaging
  • Reminders
  • Email and Text Marketing

Social Media & Reputation Management

Sending automated communication to patients to write reviews and testimonials after their visit contributes to the online voice for your practice.

  • Reviews
  • Content Management dashboard
  • Analytics

Website Design & Development

Presenting an easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing website for your patients to choose you over the competition

  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Customizable designs
  • SEO ranking

5 benefits of using dental marketing software

By implementing dental office marketing software, you are essentially outsourcing all the non-dental work tasks to a system so that you can focus on caring for your patients. Let us look at some of the key benefits your practice can reap by using a dental marketing tool.

  • Streamline day-to-day operations: Dental marketing software comes with capabilities that allow you to set up automatic patient remindersfill in canceled appointments, and paperless patient intake forms, all of which are laborious and mundane tasks that could free up a large chunk of your front office staff’s time.‍
  • Easier patient communication: Offering your patients multiple ways to communicate with you is what the modern patient experience is all about. This also allows your dental office marketing software to measure patient satisfaction and no-show rates.‍
  • Build a better online presence: Since most dental practices find themselves clueless when it comes to improving their discoverability online, dental marketing software guides you through the process with custom templates, email and text marketing campaigns that you can run on your own to see the desired results.‍
  • Take data-driven actions to improve your practice: With dental office marketing software, you are no longer shooting in the dark; you have real data to support your practice growth strategy and metrics to measure performance.‍
  • Manage online reputation with ease: Since dental marketing software help you manage all things online for your business, they understand the importance of responding and keeping track of what your patients are saying about you.

15 options of best dental office marketing software for growing your practice and retaining patients

Getting the word out there about your dental practice is harder than it seems. Professional intervention helps you get an outsider’s point of view of your practice on things that you may have completely missed. The following dental office marketing solutions are powerful tools that can see your practice through the growth and retention challenges that you may be facing:

1. NexHealth

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: One-click booking

As the leading patient experience platform, NexHealth is trusted by some of the world’s most innovative companies, helping doctors get an average of 18 new appointments every month. With integrations to many EHR systems, NexHealth can be deployed with your current system in just 6 weeks.

2. Hi5 Practice

Image Credit: Hi5 Practice

Cost: Engager- $695/mo | Engager Plus- $995/mo | Enterprise- Contact for quote

Best for: Practices that use NexHealth systems

Hi5 Practice guides you to use your patient communication system more effectively by designing effective campaigns and building a customized communication strategy to bring back patients. Hi5 Practice hosts a Facebook Live session with their marketing expert every Wednesday at 12 PM CST to discuss all facets of dental marketing with thought leaders and experts in the field.

3. Legwork

Image Credit: Legwork

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Google Maps, Facebook, and Instagram advertising

As a marketing growth platform, Legwork walks you through building a better experience across the entire patient lifecycle. Along with online reputation management, streamlining admin tasks, and designing engaging campaigns, Legwork prides itself on helping you convert web visitors into patients.

4. Smartbox

Image Credit: Smartbox

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Increasing your bottom-line by attracting new and higher-value patients

To help you grab those new patient opportunities and build a thriving practice, Smartbox’s tailor-made Practice Growth SystemTM aims at seeing your business through the road to success. Along with marketing services, Smartbox also offers training and dental consultant services that turn your investment into profit.

5. Patient News Practice Zebra

Image Credit: Patient News Practice Zebra

Cost: Contact for a free trial

Best for: Practice News newsletter that offers practice brochures, referral cards, and patient surveys

Practice Zebra is a dental marketing software that helps you stand out in the crowd and grow your practice to unprecedented levels. With a data-driven approach, your practice gets all the support that you need for continuous business improvement.

6. Marketing360

Image Credit: Marketing360

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Building loyal patients with their dental CRM tool

Marketing360 offers a complete marketing solution that your practice will need to manage and scale your business from one platform. With Marketing360, you get an army of professionals like a social media manager, content marketer, designer, ad specialist, and a video pro, so that you can focus on caring for your patients.

7. Dental Revenue

Image Credit: Dental Revenue

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Comprehensive revenue dashboard and ROI tool

Dental Revenue offers core marketing, website building, and dental coaching services. You can also get a free website audit from Dental Revenue to better understand your website’s health and performance.

8. Firegang Dental Marketing

Image Credit: Firegang

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Implant dentists who are struggling to book new implant patients

Firegang Dental Marketing solutions offers tailor-made products for solo practitioners, multi-location businesses, and emerging DSOs. You get a wide range of services that include web design and development to stand apart, social media marketing and ad management for greater visibility, and operations and call auditing services that help you identify day-to-day problems.

9. Lighthouse 360

Image Credit: Lighthouse 360

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Creating a virtual waiting room for your practice

Lighthouse 360 is an easy-to-use patient communication system that aims at keeping your schedules full to run your practice efficiently. With convenient features like automatically collecting and posting reviews from happy patients and having one centralized dashboard to analyze and respond to reviews, Lighthouse 360 is designed to help you build better relationships.

Learn the best alternatives to Lighthouse 360 that enables online booking that syncs with health record system.s

10. Intravista

Image Credit: Intravista

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Traditional marketing services

Intravista is a dental marketing solution that is built for dental practice owners who don’t have time to keep up with the ever-changing marketing trends. Along with a full suite of digital marketing services, Intravista also offers support with traditional marketing (TV, print, direct mail) and customer service training.

11. Dentrix

Image Credit: Dentrix

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Improving staff productivity and minimizing clinical inefficiencies

Dentrix is a comprehensive dental management software that helps you hit the patient satisfaction scores that are conducive to scaling your business with ease. Dentrix also has a wide range of integrated solutions for patient communication, billing, and business management that can work with your current system too.

12. Cutting Edge

Image Credit: Cutting Edge

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: AMP-powered website for dentists and doctors with in-built Dental SEO

Cutting Edge offers digital marketing and SEO solutions for medical and dental practices. With a data-driven multichannel marketing dashboard and a multi-touchpoint conversion tracker, Cutting Edge helps you drive traffic to your website that results in powerful business growth.

13. PatientCommunicator

Image Credit: PatientCommunicator

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Easy patient communication

Patient Communicator is a web-based messaging platform that is designed to create a better patient experience. PatientCommunicator also has features like online scheduling, reputation management, recalls, paperless intake forms, and marketing templates that help you create campaigns to reach out to more patients.

14. mend

Image Credit: mend

Cost: Basic- Free | MendPractice - $29/mo | MendEnterprise- Custom Pricing

Best for: HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine and telepsychiatry services

Mend is a complete unified front-end solution with integrated telehealth and patient engagement capabilities. With the aim to help your practice reduce no-show rates, Mend’s Predictive IQ technology that is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms predicts no-shows and cancellations before they happen.

15. adit

Image Credit: adit

Cost: $299/mo

Best for: Boosting your online reputation

Adit caters specifically to dental practices to streamline communication and simplify their day-to-day operations. With this one platform, your practice also gets a dedicated representative that helps you with onboarding, on-site implementation, and unlimited training and technical support.

5 dental marketing solutions for website design and development

Your website is the first window that a potential patient opens to see what your practice offers, which makes it imperative that you make their first impression a lasting one. The following agencies offer exemplary website design and development services to get your patients sitting in your chair soon enough.

16. Elevate DDS

Image Credit: Elevate DDS

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Easy to understand analytics dashboard that simplifies your ROI calculation

Elevate DDS offers exclusive website and marketing services to only one dentist per city. Along with the full range of digital marketing and SEO services, you can also get a 100% responsive website that can be customized according to your brand and aesthetic preferences.

17. Bolt Dental Marketing

Image Credit: Bolt Dental Marketing

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Getting a free website analysis

Bolt Dental Marketing has a team of experts that work with dental practices to strengthen their online presence that leads to new patient acquisition.  Helping you design a website that commands attention and leaves an impact on your web visitor, their services are meant to guide you in the right direction to capitalize on every potential patient.

18. DentalROI

Image Credit: DentalROI

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Online reputation management

DentalROI is a full-service agency that develops and executes custom marketing plans for your dental practice that are foolproof. Their role also extends to keeping your office manager busy with new patients while helping them reduce their workload with mundane tasks.

19. Roadside Dental Marketing

Image Credit: Roadside Dental Marketing

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Google-friendly websites that follow ADA Level AA guidelines

Roadside Dental Marketing helps you create the best dental website for your practice that will dominate your competition to steer patients in your direction. Offering digital marketing and coaching services for your dental practice, Roadside Dental Marketing empowers you with the right tools to build a thriving dental business.

20. Art of Dental Marketing

Image Credit: Art of Dental Marketing

Cost: Contact for quote

Best for: Month-on-month engagement contracts

Art of Dental Marketing helps dental practices build a strong online presence and convert web traffic into patients with their custom story-based marketing approach. With a month-on-month engagement and full transparency in the services that you get, your practice is not bound by a contract and can choose to opt-out at any time.

And the winner is...

If you are looking to see exponential growth in your dental business, then choosing a powerful tool like NexHealth could be the difference between sprinting to the top or getting lost in the crowd. With their bidirectional integration with your practice management system, NexHealth enhances your daily operations which is like having a full-time team member working for you 24-7.

Book your demo with NexHealth today to see your practice take off to soaring heights!

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