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Does NexHealth have templated forms?

Enlive comes with 45 templates to help you get a jump start on creating your digital forms. Each of these forms can be kept as-is, or edited to suit your needs.

1. To access your templates, navigate to Forms & Packets. Then, choose Build Form.

2. To edit a template, simply select the one you need and use the editor.

  • Click into an element to select it and change the verbiage
  • Drag and drop items throughout the form
  • Hover over an element to find the red X to delete it
  • Or, add new elements with the Orange Element options at the left of the editor

3. The below forms are available in the Templates:

  • Adult Dental History
  • Adult Medical Policy
  • Financial Policy*
  • Kids Dental History
  • Kids Medical History
  • Adult HIPAA Form*
  • Adult Privacy Practices*
  • Kids HIPAA Form
  • Kids Privacy Practice
  • Records Release
  • Selfie Form
  • Guardians Driver License
  • Dental Insurance*
  • Patient Screening In-Office Form
  • Patient Screening Pre-Appointment Form
  • Kids Release Authorization
  • Driver License Form
  • Patient Information Form*
  • Adult Release Authorization
  • Kids General Consent
  • Bonding & Veneers Information*
  • Consent for Block Grafting
  • Consent for Bone Graft
  • Consent for Dental Implant
  • Consent for Internet Communications*
  • Consent to Perform Dentistry*
  • Credit Card Authorization
  • General Dentistry Informed Consent*
  • Photography Release*
  • Post-Op Instructions Extractions*
  • Informed Consent for Crown Lengthening*
  • Consent to Orthodontic Treatment*
  • Oral Sedation Monitoring*
  • Invisalign Informed Consent
  • Informed Consent for Teeth Whitening*
  • Informed Consent for Surgical Perio*
  • Informed Consent for Root Canal*
  • Informed Consent for Nitrous
  • Informed Consent for Extractions*
  • Informed Consent for Canals
  • Root Canal Treatment Consent
  • Refusal to Consent to Treatment*
  • Office and Payment Policies*
    • Also available in Spanish

4. Click Save or contact your onboarding manager