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How do I add/remove new users?

Looking to get your new staff member on NexHealth? Get your new user up and running within minutes. You must be NexHealth institution administrator to add or remove users.

  1. To add a staff member, start by selecting Manage users.
  2. Click the blue New Staff User button. Users you create will receive an email inviting them to set a password.
  3. If you’d like to make the new staff member an admin (this will allow them to manage all locations and add new staff), toggle the button on at the bottom of the page.
  4. To remove a staff member, click the trash icon next to a user and confirm removal. If you do not see the icon, one of two things is likely happening:
    1. You may not be an Admin or may not have user permissions to delete. In this circumstance, please contact your practice's Institutional Admin.
    2. The user you are attempting to delete may be an Institutional Admin. In this circumstance, please contact our Support team and request to delete an admin. A team member will assist you.