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How do I remind a patient to complete their forms?

How do I remind a patient to complete their forms?

Patients' lives can be busy and sometimes forms can fall off their radar. Ensure patients always complete their forms before their appointment with form reminders.

You have two options for Form Reminder types, automated (recommended!) and manual.

To set up automated Form Reminders:

1. Navigate to Templates.

2. Near the bottom of the list, select Form Request.

3. This will open the automated Form Request sequence. Optionally, you can use the plus icon to add additional messages following up with patients who have not completed their forms prior to their scheduled visit.

4. To edit the timing, hover over the gray trigger icon and select edit.

5. This will open a bar onscreen where you can select how long after the initial request you'd like to send the reminder. We recommend 24 hours, but this will vary by practice.

6. To edit the message, hover over the purple message tiles and select the pencil icon.

7. Review the default reminder text or edit to build your own. Make sure to keep the INSERT_FORM_REQUEST smart command--this will give patients a button to complete their forms. When finished, save the message.

8. Repeat Steps 3-7 for as many reminders as you would like. Patients will be removed from the Form Reminder sequence when they complete the requested forms.

To manually send a form reminder:

1. Navigate to the Forms tab.

2. Hover over the request for that patient's forms, this will reveal a checkbox beside their name. Check the box.

3. Select Send Reminders from the button in the upper-right.